Hey Albuquerque...Come out and shop for that special Mom in your life and enjoy a great cup of fresh roasted coffee at the 5th Annual Mother's Day Market at Rust is Gold. Also, stay connected to us on our socials to find out when our storefront in the NE Heights is going to open.

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Gabrielle's Greenery

Personal care and household products

We stock Aromaland body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap and hand sanitizer; MamaSuds castile soap, laundry detergent, oxy powder, stain stick and toilet bombs;  Dip shampoo and conditioner bars; LooHoo dryer balls; Grab Green dishwasher tablets; S.A. Plunkett dish soap bars;  Trigonas toothpaste tabs and shampoo bars; Dr. Squatch men’s soap bars and deodorant; Sunshine Alchemists shampoo bars and body bars for humans and doggies; Soap Lift soap savers; Blue Heron lip therapy; Aloe Up sunscreen; Sheets Laundry laundry sheets.

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Purchase a decorative plant

Our selection of succulents, air plants and potted plants will vary each Pop-Up. We also stock custom made pots by Peanut Pottery.

Thrifty finds

You never know what groovy apparel you’ll find on our thrift rack.

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Gabrielle's Greenery

Gabrielle's Greenery is a mobile refillery, plant shop and thrift store located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The vision of Gabrielle's Greenery began in 6th Grade Environmental Science class when my teacher showed us pictures and videos of the damage that plastic waste was doing to the planet. I began to look around my own home and city, and noticed plastic bags in trees, while disposable containers, utensils and straws were filling up trash cans. I watched my family go through multiple containers of hair care and laundry detergent each month and saw the heap of plastic in our recycling bin that ultimately would never make it into a recycling plant. I also began to learn about the harmful effects that many of the chemicals that were in personal care and household products did, not only to our bodies, but to the environment. I knew something needed to change, and I knew I needed to do something.

Today's busy culture is all about convenience. Virtually anything we desire can be bought with the click of a button. The refillery I envisioned was not convenient because there wasn't one in my local market, making this a very foreign concept to most people around me. However, reducing was growing in popularity as restaurants have begun eliminating the use of straws and non-biodegradable containers, while a lot of us have already started using reusable water bottles and shopping bags. Spreading the concept of refilling products was becoming clearer. By refilling just one container of shampoo, you eliminate one needing to be made for you to purchase again. Now multiply that with all of the "single-use" containers that you purchase and throw away each month.

My hope is that I can teach you how to reuse your bottles by refilling them when they are empty, rather than throwing them away and further polluting our beautiful planet. All of the products that I have sourced to refill are organic, natural, non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals, so they are good for us and the environment. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or right here, to find out where my next Pop-Up event will be held.  Meanwhile, you can check my "How it Works" section and the gallery of products I have available, and start saving your empty containers.  Together we will reduce waste on our planet, starting here in our beautiful home state of New Mexico.  

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